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to the investigation. we took williams' story to dr. bob bea, a professor of engineering at the university of california, berkeley, and a former chief engineer of shell oil. the white house has asked bea to help analyze the deepwater horizon accident. bea investigated the columbia space shuttle disaster for nasa and the hurricane katrina disaster for the national science foundation. bea's voice never completely recovered from the weeks he spent in the flood in new orleans. but as the white house has found, he's among the nation's best. he's investigated more than 20 offshore rig disasters. >> mr. williams comes forward with these very detailed elements from his viewpoints on a rig. that's a brave and intelligent man. >> what he's saying is very important to this investigation, you believe? >> it is. >> what strikes professor bea is mike williams' description of the blowout preventer. williams says that in a drilling accident four weeks before the explosion, the critical rubber gasket, called an annular, was damaged, and pieces of it started coming out of the well. according to williams, wh
bob nelson says companies like zappos will avoid a looming demographic crisis. >> it's harder to get people. there's going to be fewer of them to get. and if you want to keep them and get the best out of them, you sure better know what presses their buttons. >> nelson, known in the trade as "the guru of thank you," believes that the teeniest rewards pay big dividends, regardless of age and boss abuse even bigger dividends. >> i've worked with managers that have, "if we make this goal, they'll shave their head" type thing. or they'll be in the dunk tank at the summer picnic. when a senior manager's willing to do that is, it says, "we're all in it together." >> all that togetherness comes together every year at the motivation show in chicago: acre upon acre of coaches, consultants, knickknacks, and fancy stuff. >> awards, plaques. >> if you want to say "thank you," you'd send them the steaks. >> people enjoy wine. >> rewards for a job well done, reminders to work harder. you think this would help motivate people to work harder? >> oh, it does. >> everyone loves plush toys. >> what a to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)